What will my week look like?

Each intern's schedule will vary based on your area of ministry, time commitment, and responsibilities you agree to. Every intern will attend our biweekly, 2 hour intern gathering and every intern is welcome and highly encouraged to join the various staff meetings throughout the week. Interns are also required to serve Sunday mornings, in some capacity.

Who is the ideal candidate?

We encourage those who are between the ages of 18-28, have a high school diploma or equivalent, are a committed follower of Jesus, and support the mission and vision of Pleasant Valley.

How long does the program last?

The program is designed to be two years and we find the interns will get the most out of their experience by attending both years. However, an intern will find it highly beneficial if only attended one year. 

What areas of ministry can I serve in?

No matter your passion or gifting, there is a place for you! We have positions in Administration, Missions and Outreach, Discipleship Ministries, College, High School, Middle School, and Children's Ministries, Worship Arts, Tech, Graphics and Design.

Is PVLI accredited?

Though PVLI is not accredited, the experience, training, and skills learned during the program will be highly profitable in any future endeavor. 

What is the cost of the internship?

The full two years of the program is $1800, one year $900.

When does the internship year start?

The next start of the new intern year will be June 1st of 2018.

Why should I apply to PVLI?

Whether you're interested in full-time, vocational ministry, want to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, want to gain more wisdom and expertise in the field of leadership, or all three, PVLI offers the space and intentional coaching in all of these areas. You'll gain the experience and development needed to wherever God calls you next.

Can I still be apart of PVLI if I'm in school?

Yes! Our program is designed to be flexible for students. 

Is the internship paid?

No. However, for those doing the internship full time (30 hours), they are eligible to engage in support raising. Training and accountability will be given for this. The program is also flexible enough for part-time jobs.