Is Your Soul Thirsty?

Did you win the football game? Did you get the promotion at your job? Did you get that raise? Or did you recently get dumped? You failed that latest math test? I know I did.

There are many things in our lives that can externally affect our very internal souls. That sporting event, how our boss handled that last meeting, or a simple forget can spring a ‘Debby Downer’ moment in our spirit. We look for success in these external things.

But what if true success wasn’t in the things we see, but in the health of our souls?

Psalm 63 says:

            “O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;

            my soul thirsts for you;

            my flesh faints for you,

            as in a dry and weary land where

            there is no water.

            So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary,

            Beholding your power and glory.

            Because your steadfast love is better than life,

            My lips will praise you.”

            (1-3 emphasis added)

This passage makes me think about where the author, David, is coming from. It would seem as though David is battling with some real life emotional drama. Something has him seeking, desiring, and being hungry for God. In a place of dryness, David is wanting God to show up.

Now get this - David realizes that God’s love/God’s relationship with David is better than life itself. It is better than David’s kingship. It is better than a romantic relationship. It is better than wealth. God’s love will keep his soul satisfied.

Soul? Satisfied?

Yes, our souls.

Our flesh, our jobs, our income, our gifts try to define who we are. But they don’t give us life. Our soul is what gives us life. So how do we watch the health of our soul?

By our perspectives, we can see the health of our souls. A healthy soul is fixed on God. It is fixed on Jesus. But an unhealthy soul rants complaints of the exterior. “I didn’t get that promotion. I don’t make enough money.” Fill in your grumble.

David is honest as to where he is, “I’m down, God! I’m in the desert! I’m needing you!” But he does not allow the exterior life to affect the reality of his soul. All life does not compare to God’s love. All life does not compare to the relationship David has with God.

So what about our lives? What about the things that are challenging the perspective of our souls?

Be honest. Where do you find satisfaction? Is it in singing worship songs? Is it in getting straight A’s? Is it in what you do?

Or is it in your relationship with God?

I will argue that our souls are most satisfied when we are searching for God. When we are in relationship with God. Yes, we can sing worship songs. David says praise will come from his lips (verse 3), BUT it is because of the realization of his relationship with God

When our souls are satisfied in God, all else will follow. Our leadership ability, our responsibilities, our influence will flow from an understanding of God and me, and through me.

So there is just one question I have:

Is your soul thirsty?